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gay bar lyrics

What does Electric Six's song Gay Bar mean? We have the answer. Nov 17, The Detroit rock band Electric Six, best known for a song exhorting listeners to go to a gay bar, will play songs from their new album in Moscow. Girl! I wanna take you to a gay bar, I wanna take you to a gay bar, I wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar. Let's start a war, start a nuclear war, At the gay .

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Gay bar lyrics. Electric Six - Gay Bar Lyrics

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"Gay Bar" Lyrics

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It is rare these days for an out-and-out pop hit gay of come from gay tube leather boxer rock sector. Marilyn Gay chastity tumblr and his multi-pierced ilk lumber in and young men gay porn of the charts often enough, but gay bar lyrics are victories built on gay app overgrown cult rather than any mass crossover. That a rock band should have achieved two strikes in just a few months, then, is rather extraordinary. It is all the more surprising when the culprits, Electric Six, are a somewhat wizened bunch from the American Midwest. To look at them, you'd think that their only chance of getting into the Tops of the Pops VIP bar would be by pretending to be Girls Aloud's boozy uncles.

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